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Drakon Forge

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Drakon Forge Empty Drakon Forge

Post by dylankeefer on Wed Jun 08, 2016 1:14 am

Drakon Forge Tapast10
Comic Title:     Drakon Forge

Tag Line:     Drakon Forge is an Action / Adventure / Comedy about a group of young travelers setting off on a quest to fulfill their dreams.

Elevator Pitch:     The story follows Aidan Keith and his quest to find answers to what happened to his father. The sub plot is about each of the young heroes pursuing their dreams, Aidan wants to be the strongest warrior, Sylvia wants to be the best blacksmith and Felicia wants to be the most knowledgeable mage.

Link to Comic:     https://m.tapastic.com/series/Drakon-Forge

Other Information:
Drakon Forge Tapast11

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Drakon Forge Empty Re: Drakon Forge

Post by angelfire2197 on Thu Jun 09, 2016 8:31 am

Ooook that was great! You've earned a sub ^^

Okay so, critiques. Gosh this is harder than I thought. I love the art and so far so the story too. Its well thought out and planned. I usually dont like reading manga (dont get me wrong, i still like anime) but you've hooked me.

Some parts that were kinda iffy, please please please, (unless its a major symbolism or something of the sort in the story) take out from every single episode the word "DRIP" when he cries. If I can see him crying, i know that tears are falling. It wasnt clear the he was crying when he was hidden in the bush BUT everywhere else you have clearly shown it. Every time i saw it i started laughing cuz it looked sarcastic and it wasnt a moment to be sarcastic.

And in the description, and this is 100% just my opinion, i dont like it when creatirs consistently put the blurb under each episode. I'd rather you keep it blank than that. I like reading author's comments in the description. Ideas can include
-what you thought about when drawing the episode
-what your thoughts are for the episode, like it? Dont like it?
-what are you doing as you are posting the episode
-facts about the characters or yourself
-act like one of the readers
-tease the reader
-anything else of the sort

Again, loved your series, i cant wait to see the next update ^^

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Drakon Forge Empty Re: Drakon Forge

Post by dylankeefer on Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:13 pm

Glad you liked the comic I got some exciting updates comic up including an intro, new music or should I said ongoing music for the comic going forward though the release of the songs might be edited into the comics as its released. I also got a potential new issue 1 going in front of the current story line to hook readers earlier since the current beginning is slower paced.

I get what your saying with the sound effect, I think if I reformat it to webcomic format the SFX's will have a bit more impact with the added white space to build drama to a climax.

As for the last thing are you talking about the bottom where it says the release schedule? are you saying to get rid of the release schedule? or to get rid of the synopsis I guess I could remove the synopsis. That makes sense or now that I finished the first complete scene change it to be a synopsis of the scene like its supposed to be used. The main issue I have is I'm doing by scene ep's as well as releasing page by page so I lose all comments on them when I delete them and start the next one I only even do that to make the reading experience better and have the music matter.

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Drakon Forge Empty Re: Drakon Forge

Post by Sponsored content

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